Approximation in complex and real Lipschitz algebras

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Rapid and efficient mass collection by a supersonic cloud-cloud collision as a major mechanism of high-mass star formation.


Chandra survey of nearby highly inclined disk galaxies -- V: emission structure and origin of galactic coronae. Symmetry and its breaking in path integral approach to quantum Brownian motion.

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Sample-specific repetitive learning for photo aesthetic assessment and highlight region extraction. Disentangling the effects of doping, strain and defects in monolayer WS2 by optical spectroscopy.

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Towards a model independent extraction of the Boer-Mulders function. An operational test for existence of a consistent increasing quasi-concave value function. Symmetry breaking and entropy production during the evolution of spinor Bose-Einstein condensate driven by coherent atom beam. Eigenvalues of two-state quantum walks induced by the Hadamard walk.

Deep UV plasmonic enhancement of single protein autofluorescence in zero-mode waveguides. A dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemma via improvements to Dirichlet's theorem. Long-range donor-acceptor electron transport mediated by alpha-helices. Rates of convergence in invariance principles for random walks on linear groups via martingale methods. On the illposedness and stability of the relativistic heat equation.

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Sub-Riemannian homogeneous geometry. Shortest and straightest geodesics. Periodic asymptotic dynamics of the measure solutions to an equal mitosis equation. Direct n-body simulations of tidal disruption rate evolution in unequal-mass galaxy mergers. Turbulent transport coefficients in galactic dynamo simulations using singular value decomposition.

Ferromagnetic resonance with magnetic phase selectivity by means of resonant elastic x-ray scattering on a chiral magnet. Gain-through-filtering enables tuneable frequency comb generation in passive optical resonators. Long time existence for the Boussinesq -- Full Dispersion systems. Long time existence for a strongly dispersive Boussinesq system.


Incoherent phonon population and exciton-exciton annihilation in monolayer WS2 revealed by time-resolved spontaneous Raman scattering. In-plane ordering of O vacancies in a high-Tc cuprate superconductor with compressed Cu-O octahedrons: a first-principles cluster expansion study. Interplay between shape-phase transitions and shape coexistence in the Zr isotopes. Actuation response model from sparse data for wall turbulence drag reduction. Beyond polarization: the asymmetry of vaccine controversies in France.

Focal-plane wavefront sensing with the vector Apodizing Phase Plate. The cuspidalisation of sections of arithmetic fundamental groups II. Observation of a C-type short range antiferromagnetic order in expanded FeS. Dynamical signatures of ground-state degeneracy to discriminate against Andreev levels in a Majorana fusion experiment. Modeling the occurrence of events subject to a reporting delay via an EM algorithm.

Singular optimal control of stochastic Volterra integral equations.

Boundaries of weak peak points in noncommutative algebras of Lipschitz functions : Open Mathematics

Limited-budget output consensus for descriptor multiagent systems with energy constraints. Electrodynamics of magnetoelectric media and magnetoelectric fields. Optical Traps for sympathetic Cooling of Ions with ultracold neutral Atoms. A narrow-band sodium-resonant fiber-coupled single photon source. Using numerical methods from nonlocal optics to simulate the dynamics of N-body systems in alternative theories of gravity.

Global 3D radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of gas accretion: The opacity dependent growth of Saturn-mass planets. Global smooth solutions of the damped Boussinesq equations with a class of large initial data. Data reduction pipeline: architecture and simulated performances. Calibration of atmospheric neutrino flux calculations using cosmic muon flux and charge ratio measurements.

Relativistic electron impact ionization cross sections of carbon ions and application to an optically thin plasma. Anomalous behavior and structure of a liquid of particles interacting through the harmonic-repulsive pair potential near the crystallization transition.

1.01 Winding numbers and the fundamental theorem of algebra

H2O masers tracing disk-winds and jets near luminous YSOs. Continual learning: A comparative study on how to defy forgetting in classification tasks. Where to find Electromagnetic Wave Counterparts of stellar-mass binary black hole mergers? Generalized hydrodynamics regime from the thermodynamic bootstrap program. Topologically protected, correlated end spin formation in carbon nanotubes. Quantum process tomography with unknown single-preparation input states. Modelling of strain fields in sheared colloidal glasses using Eshelby inclusions.

Polynomial control on weighted stability bounds and inversion norms of localized matrices on simple graphs. Global structure of solutions toward the rarefaction waves for the Cauchy problem of the scalar conservation law with nonlinear viscosity. Emergent gravity in superplastic crystals and cosmological constant problem. The effects of urbanization on the temperature over the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region under changing climate. LMI-based robust stability and stabilization analysis of fractional-order interval systems with time-varying delay. An efficient numerical method for a long-term simulation of heat and mass transfer: the case of an insulated rammed earth wall.

Control of criticality and computation in spiking neuromorphic networks with plasticity. Reduction and Hamiltonian aspects of a model for virus-tumour interaction in oncolytic virotherapy. Kink-based mirrorless quasi-bistability in resonantly absorbing media.

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Dislocation interactions during low-temperature plasticity of olivine strengthen the lithospheric mantle. A polynomial time approximation schema for maximum k-vertex cover in bipartite graphs. Nonparametric estimation of conditional cure models for heavy-tailed distributions and under insufficient follow-up. Survey on the asymptotic Dirichlet problem for the minimal surface equation.

Asymptotic approximation of the eigenvalues and the eigenfunctions for the Orr-Sommerfeld equation on infinite intervals. The role of cluster mass in the multiple populations of Galactic and extragalactic globular clusters. Attractive inter-particle force in Van der Waals model of hadron gas in the grand canonical ensemble.

Generalized permutahedra: Minkowski linear functionals and Ehrhart positivity. Obstructions to deforming space curves lying on a smooth cubic surface. Theoretical design of highly correlated electron states in delafossite heterostructures.


Protection of helical transport in Quantum Spin Hall samples: the role of symmetries on edges. Diffuse interface models of solidification with convection: The choice of a finite interface thickness. Retinal analysis of a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease with multi-contrast optical coherence tomography. Blockade of vortex flow by thermal fluctuations in atomically thin clean-limit superconductors.