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Parts focus on broad areas of interest.

Chapters are devoted to single topics within a part. Part I: Understanding Alcohol Use, Abuse, and Dependence reviews guidelines for the safe consumption of alcohol and offers facts about identifying when alcohol use transitions into abuse and may precipitate problems.

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It explains the course of alcohol dependence and discusses risk factors, including genetic links to addiction vulnerabilities. It further discusses myths about alcohol use. Part II: The Problem of Underage Drinking describes the overview of underage drinking and also explains the drinking patterns and alcohol-related problems experienced by teens and college students.

Drug abuse among medical professionals rarely detected

It describes how alcohol changes the brain and affects the liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys, lungs, bones, and other organs. Information about alcohol interactions with other disorders and medications is also included. It also explains how alcohol use impacts the reproductive organs and how it can lead to life-long impairments among children of women who drink during pregnancy.

Detailed information about the effects of alcohol on a fetus is presented along with a discussion of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD. Separate chapters describe the connection of alcohol with other addiction disorders and suicide.

Drug Abuse Warning Network

Part VII: Treatment and Recovery discusses helping strategies, programs, and support groups for families and individuals who decide to change their alcohol consumption habits. It describes alcohol addiction screening and explains the differences between brief interventions and long-term treatments. It also offers facts about the treatment process and explores new treatment options, including information on detoxification, withdrawal, pharmacological treatments, integrated treatments for co-occurring disorders such as drug abuse or mental illness.

It also provides information about counseling and long-term support for those with disorders.

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It also discusses about the gaps in clinical prevention and treatment for alcohol use disorders. Resource directories with listings of support groups for alcohol-related concerns, state agencies for substance abuse services, and organizations with additional information about alcohol use and abuse are also included. Calling from Inside the U.

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