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It's best to create low-level enchantments when the enchantment table gives you three unwanted enchantment options.

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After creating an enchanted book, you'll need to re-level your character to level Understand how combining enchantments works. If you have two enchantment books with the exact same enchantment and level, you can combine them in an anvil to create a higher-level enchantment. Combining two level I enchantments yields a level II enchantment if applicable.

Combining two level IV enchantments yields a level V enchantment if applicable. Make sure that you have two of one type of enchantment.

What is Minecraft enchanting?

You cannot combine enchantments of different levels e. Place both enchantment books in the anvil. Select one book and select a box on the left side of the anvil, then select the second book and select the other box on the left side of the anvil. You'll see a new book appear on the right side of the anvil's window. Move the combined book into your inventory. Select the book, then select your inventory. On Minecraft PE, tapping the book will move it to your inventory.

On consoles, select the book and press Y or triangle. Create another enchantment book. If your combined book isn't the highest attainable level for the selected attachment, you'll need to create another version of the book in the enchanting table and then combine it with the current combined book.

You'll repeat this process until you get your enchanted book to the highest possible level. Open your anvil. Now that you have the enchantment that you want to use, you can add it to an offensive or defensive item e. Place the item that you want to enchant on the anvil. It should go in the box on the far-left side.


Add your enchanted book. Select the book, then select the middle box in the anvil's window. Move the enchanted item into your inventory. You should see your now-enchanted item appear on the far-right side of the anvil; select it and move it to your inventory to complete the process.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Enchantments

Lapis appears as a dark blue ore. Once broken, it drops multiple lapices much like redstone ore. Yes No. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Bane of Arthropods increases damage done by a sword by 2. Bane of Arthropods affects the following mobs: spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, and endermites. The max level for Bane of Arthropods is V.


Smite increases damage done by a sword by 2. Smite affects the following mobs: skeletons, zombies, the Wither, wither skeletons, and zombie pigmen. The max level for Smite is V. Not Helpful 13 Helpful You can't separate the enchantments in a book, but the game will "drop" the enchantment if it's not compatible with the item being enchanted. The other enchantment will be lost. Not Helpful 10 Helpful The one, two, and three are your cost.

Choosing one means you will have to pay one experience point, and one lapis lazuli. Paying three means you will have to pay three experience points and three lapis lazuli. How to Enchant a Tool or Armor in Minecraft. Armor, sword, bow, fishing pole, axe, shovel, and pickaxe; using an anvil —shears, flint and steel, carrot on a stick, and hoe. If two enchantments have the same level and a higher level is available, they will combine into the next level.

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If a book is applied to an item which can't take all of its spells, the appropriate spells are transferred, while the unusable ones are lost. Enchanted books are single-use. Enchanted books do not exhibit their enchantment. For example, a book with Sharpness IV as an enchantment will do no more damage than an un-enchanted book, or any non-weapon item, would when used as a weapon.

Minecraft Enchantments | Minecraftopia

An exception to this is the Silk Touch enchantment which will apply if used in a block that doesn't require a tool to be mined. Enchanted books can enchant the usual items that can be enchanted at an enchantment table , but unlike an enchantment table , they are able to boost enchantments such as Sharpness or Thorns to their maximum power, and may apply the following enchantments to items:.

The player can enchant any item with any enchantment in creative mode, allowing any applied effects to exhibit themselves. The enchanted item can still be used in Survival mode without any loss of enchantments. Enchantments which are normally incompatible are still incompatible; for example, Piercing and Multishot cannot be both applied to the same item, even in Creative mode. They use their item data to determine what enchantments are stored for enchanting in an anvil.

The allowed sub-tags are id and lvl , equivalent to the format of the ench tag which is used for enchantments applied to items. The following NBT structure is provided to show how the StoredEnchantments tag is organized, and is not comprehensive above the tag tag. The full NBT for an item can be found here.

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