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Home Front

A troopship in flames and other surprising stories Get the details on the dramatic scenes which open the final season of Home Front. Find out who's who in Home Front. Who was Arthur Hurst? Photo galleries Take a look at studio shots and other images relating to Home Front. The shell shock epidemic of WW1 Exploring the condition that affected so many in war.

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Women's football The earliest known women's international that has been forgotten to history. Revolution in Britain? We got that wrong.

We didn't vet the guy," says retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

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Linda Albi looks at her phone, trying to make out her daughter's face as she tilts the screen toward her 2-year-old grandson, Michael, as he sits in her lap. The sun still isn't up where Sarah is, but she's already putting on her flight suit. Kate Chisholm. It feels like a long time since the launch of Home Front on Radio 4 back in June , retracing day-by-day events of years ago as Britain went to war. It is a long time. Yet still the violence in Europe rages on while back home the families of the men and boys in trenches carry on as normal, putting on plays at the local theatre, selling toys, running art classes, working the trams.

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A new season number 13, with two more to go before the series ends on 9 November starts up again on Monday. Every episode has been recorded for broadcast in the same studio in Birmingham where The Archers is made.

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A wide variety of characters this latest batch of episodes has 86 of them, played by 60 actors get on with their lives while representing, or rather reflecting, aspects of the war that challenge our perceptions. Each season of 40 episodes broadcast across eight weeks illustrates a theme, such as spiritualism, conscription, espionage, xenophobia.

We are now into morality and sexuality and how the disruptions of war are affecting some of the characters we have come to know. Ivy, who runs the theatre in Folkestone, meets the real-life writer F. The historical consultant on the series, Professor Maggie Andrews, was commissioned to find lesser-known facts about the war that could be used to flesh out the drama, such as the huge number of fatalities of young women working in the munitions factories.

Mass graves were dug. Home Front is tailor-made for listening on catch-up and by podcast because only when you binge on several episodes at once does its sweep and emotional range reveal itself.

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If heard only occasionally and as separate episodes, the series can come across as issue-led. But listened to without a break, hour by hour, the characters come alive, through the interplay between their stories and the impressive way a whole society gradually emerges across all ages, classes, occupations and types.

How did Dromgoole and her team of writers including Sebastian Baczkiewicz, Katie Hims, Sarah Daniels and Shaun McKenna embark on such a massive project, episodes over four years, set in Folkestone because of its closeness to the front , Tynemouth with its munitions factories and Devon struggling to keep the harvests coming in , with characters moving between all three locations to provide some sense of continuity?

Did they know how the characters would develop when they began?

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No, says Dromgoole. They had to introduce a new Graham sister after the first series in order to develop a storyline that had begun to emerge. Does she have favourite characters?