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After not speaking in French for over two years and learning two more languages since then, further confusing my French I suddenly had a spontaneous interview in French on the phone while travelling in a noisy train in Italy. They gave me a trial period, proofread all of my translations for a month and finally took me on! However, I wouldn't recommend this approach for those in a similar situation. But the most interesting part of these sites can be their job search boards. The Proz one has a free version and a paid version; the free version shows you the advertisements after several hours delay, in which time someone else is likely to take the offer.

I signed up for a paid account and have found all my other clients technically outsourcers who look for clients for me through that site. I find that it works pretty well; especially since you can leave and read references, which is great for confirming that they will actually pay you. It is important to have a competitive price! If you have no experience at all, then you should actually start working for next to nothing or for free or as a volunteer and have your documents proofread so that you can learn how to actually translate before you start trying it professionally.

After my training period, I started off with a kind-of low rate because of my lack of experience and then I raised my price last after a while. Many translators charge per word , which I much prefer to all my previous monthly wage jobs since I get paid for the actual work that I do. I've reduced my price back to the previous one and have gotten a flood of work because of it.

The actual price you charge depends on a lot of factors; those who translate novels, for example, may charge much more per word than I do or would charge per page , but our hourly wage is about the same. As an engineer , I was very familiar with the technical documents I translated and never needed to ponder over a more poetic way to say it as a writer-translator would for example so I could charge less but still earn the same because I would produce more words an hour. Also, the language combination is very important — you may be able to charge more for a language that is more in demand, or need to be more competitive if you have a common language combination.

I usually like to say how my methods of learning a language are easy for everyone to apply. But becoming a translator definitely isn't for everyone! Translators do not get the credit they deserve; if you read poorly translated instructions on a cheap gadget from China it certainly doesn't help! But when you do read a translation which happens more often than you might think! Always an unsung hero, because it doesn't seem like it was ever even originally in a foreign language!

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  • Bout Norwegian.

You need to understand the source language extremely well and at a professional level. However, you can't be a translator just because you speak another language , even if you speak it really well. You need training and experience as a translator and complete familiarity with the subject you are translating. Any translation work that I accepted was always just for my fields of speciality, mostly related to my studies in Electronic Engineering. Those horrible translations I mentioned above are usually done by those who think that they master the language and rarely do.

This is a very crucial thing to realize; you should only ever translate to your mother tongue! And specialisation should not be taken lightly either! When I was training to be a translator, it was extremely frustrating that I would get documents from a wide range of topics, none of which I was familiar with. I tried to translate wine cultivation techniques, legal and medical documents, corporate presentations etc.

Luckily all of my work was proofread and completely corrected each time before actually being used. I am not a lawyer or a doctor or a wine-lover so I simply can't write about these topics in English, let alone understand them in a foreign language!

Norwegian Beginner Reading Practice - Going into a Shop

This means that I should have never translated them of course. Being more flexible in your translation topics does not necessarily make you more employable since you may have little or no familiarity or authority in that field. Someone who has studied translation in university needs to somehow also become an expert in any fields they wish to translate. Video Game.

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The importance of a good background and specialisation

Dolby Digital. The resulting chaos leads to the unprecedented rise of the Norwegian Green Party to power in response. The new Prime Minister of Norway , Green Party leader Jesper Berg, is an idealistic politician with bold plans for thorium-based nuclear power as a viable solution to replace oil, which could help avoid further emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing global warming and climate change. To this end, he cuts off all fossil fuel production, intensifying the energy crisis in the continent. The European Union , in desperation, acquiesces to a Russian-led velvet glove invasion of Norway.

Berg refuses and attempts to escape when he sees a random civilian approach the helicopter.

Do You Need Any Translation Services?

The soldiers promptly execute the civilian, forcing Berg to submit, reasoning that nobody deserves to die. Berg is released and is picked up by Djupvik. To conceal the nature of the occupation , Berg spins the occupation as an "energy partnership", and promises the Norwegian people in an interview with Eriksen that the occupation would be a temporary measure until Norway's oil and gas production is restored by Russian working crews. This intention unravels as a series of events complicates Norwegian—Russian interactions over the ensuing months.

The Norwegian military unit seizes two Russian officials who had been urging the Commander of the Royal Guard, Harald Vold, to surrender himself to the Russian authorities on suspicion of hatching the plot to assassinate Sidorova, inciting a hostage situation with the demands being the release of the attempted assassin from the Russian embassy , located just across the street from a restaurant frequented by Russians since the occupation began, run by Eriksen's wife Bente Norum. Peter Eriksen, Eriksen's son and Norum's stepson, joins protests against the Russians, and soon becomes involved with anti-Russian radicals.

‘Godless’ Cast and Crew Answer Burning Questions, From Gunfights to Ghosts

Meanwhile, Bente begins an affair with a Russian agent named Nikolai. When a Russian agent is killed in a hit and run by an SUV in front of the embassy and restaurant, the Russian government demands that Norway extrajudicially extradite the driver, a suspected Chechen terrorist named Elbek Musajev. The hit-and-run was an accident caused by his son Iljas rather than a deliberate attack, but the Russians demand their deportation, and the Musajevs are arrested. Elbek commits suicide to avoid being deported to Russia. Iljas later meets Christensen, and the two plot vengeance against the Russians.

The Russian government takes this as an excuse to prolong their occupation of Norway. A gas production facility in Viksund is attacked, killing many Russian workers, temporarily delaying the EU production target, and further delaying the pullout. Tensions further increase as suspicious events occur at the Norwegian—Russian border , where Russian troops infiltrate Lapland , Eriksen is murdered while investigating the Russians, and a Russian naval fleet starts exercises off the coast of northern Norway.

Free Norway receives assistance from inside the PST by its chief Wenche Arnesen, who chose to defect after discovering that she is terminally ill.