International Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology

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Shaw and Brian R. Making Sense of Dependency Beverly M. Section V: Personal Change and Reconstruction. Part 1: A Theoretical Understanding. Psychological Disorder as Imbalance David Winter. Part 2: The Process of Change. Is Treatment a Good Idea? George A. Epting, Marco Gemignani and Malcolm C. Neimeyer and Scott A.

Section VI: Development and Education. Part 1: Development. Part 2: Education.


A Psychology for Teachers Phillida Salmon. Devi Jankowicz. Pragmatism and Religion: Dewey''s Twin Influences?

Personal construct theory (Kelly) - Brief video on personality psychology

Bill Warren. A Psychology of Questions Miller Mair. Section X: Reaching Out. Journal of Critical Psychology,Counselling and Psychotherapy, Vol 4 2 , Spring , readerscome away feeling that their thinking about psychological theory has been stimulated Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Vol 4 2 , Spring ,??

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Personal construct theory

Open Borders Inc. Permanent Record by Edward Snowden , Hardcover 1. Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. Psychology Books Books. Advances in personal construct psychology, Vol 2. Advances in personal construct psychology, Vol 3. Advances in personal construct psychology, Vol 4. Advances in personal construct psychology, Vol 5. Shaw MLG On becoming a personal scientist. Recent advances in personal construct technology. Shaw M. Practicalities of personal construct theory. Canada Cybersystems Publishing Slater P The principal components of a repertory grid.

Vincent Andrew, London. Slater P ed The measurement of intrapersonal space by grid technique. Vol 1: Explorations of intrapersonal space. Vol 2: Dimensions of intrapersonal space.

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Stringer P, Bannister D Constructs of sociality and individuality. Warren, William Philosophical dimensions of Personal Construct Psychology. London: Routledge. A manual for repertory grid technique.

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Fromm, M. Introduction to the Repertory Grid Interview.

Stewart V, Stewart A Business applications of repertory grid technique. McGraw-Hill, New York. Conference reports Book title. Applications of personal construct theory. Academic Press, Don Mills, Canada. Personal construct psychology. Recent advances in theory and practice.

MacMillon, London, Basingstoke. Caputi P ed Australian Journal of Psychology - Supplement Personal construct psychology: New Ideas. Chiari G, Nuzzo ML Psychological Constructivism and the Social World. Milano: Franco Angeli. Sharing understanding and practice. Ellis-Scheer, J M ed Anticipating Personal construct theory. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska. Fisher, J. Challenging the boundaries: PCP perspectives for the new millennium. Fisher, John M.

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Beyond experimentation into meaning. Lostock Hall: Epca Publications. Fransella F eds Personal construct psychology Fransella F, Thomas L eds Experimenting with personal construct psychology. Jones H, Dunnett G eds. Nebraska symposium on motivation , Univ. Raskin, J. Studies in meaning. Exploring constructivist psychology. New York: Pace University Press. Scheer, J.

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Giessen: Psychosozial-Verlag. Thomson A, Cummins P European perspectives in Personal Construct Psychology. Lincoln: European Personal Construct Association. Personal Construct Theory. A Psychology for the Future. Winter, P. Cummins, H. Procter, N. Reed Eds. Grid Test of thought disorder: A standard clinical test. Psychological Test Publications, Barnstaple. Beail N ed Repertory grid technique and personal constructs - Applications in clinical and educational settings.

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Beech, H. Research and experiments in stuttering. Oxford: Pergamon Press. Blowers, G. Personal construct psychology in the clinical context. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. Button E ed Personal construct theory and mental health. Brooksline, Cambridge, MA. Button, E Eating disorders.

Personal construct therapy and change. Blackburn: PenFold Cummins, P. Working with anger: a constructivist approach. A psychology for living. Wiley, London. Working with people.