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Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I'd be much more sympathetic if she were appalled that people she doesn't like were getting hit. Within, it means "here is an example of America's great freedom"; without, it means "here is an example of America's near-incomprehensible wackiness, often relating to law suits, crime, or guns". In both cases, the story that immediately follows the phrase is one that confirms the speaker's beliefs about the US.

I hate to tell you this, but it's not a Bush thing. In college during the late '90s I knew some people in a swing-dancing group who went up to DC to dance at the monuments, and they were regularly chased off by cops. Leaving national monuments under-protected enhances their security theater value. He had it coming He had it coming He only had himself to blame If you'd have been there If you'd have seen it I betcha you would have done the same! But then again, it doesn't say what they were dancing to, nor what style, so I'm going to count this as unlikely.

Some of that was happening, yes. But when it happened, you didn't get flocks of human howler monkeys on the internet announcing that it was the victims' fault. Do you think that reflects something about the Internet, something about the general political culture, or It's my impression that this particular form of Bad Netizenship is more gender-neutral than some of the others -- "gender-neutral" in the sense that it's a form of BN that females fall into as readily as males.

Females are perhaps less likely to think people should be punished for pure anti-authoritarianism, but talk about someone transgressing gender norms and they come right out of the woodwork. Or do I see a lot of females women and girls do this because I go to a lot of female-dominated netspace? Is it really a guy thing after all? And dittoing the sympathy for right-libertarians.

They've been taught repeatedly that communism and socialism have failed--don't eat the French cheese, kids. So they hope there's truth in Milton Friedman's myths. Sean O'Hara, in 11, it's been my general observation that people who say "I hate to tell you this" are almost always lying about that. You may want to find a different way to start contrarian sentences.

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Anyway, you don't have to tell me that oppressive policing didn't start with Bush. And the kitten-stomping BATF. And Abner Louima , and Amadou Diallo. My points, which you can read right up there in black and dddddd, are that 1 that comment thread on McMegan's blog provides a particular rich collection of classic authoritarian propaganda tropes, and 2 you can see one of these tropes being used by our current administration and its supporters to deny that it's torturing people.

Actually, it belatedly occurs to me that Sean may have been responding, not to my post, but to Julia's comment about the Parks Service being understaffed, or some other comment. If that's the case, I apologize for being snippy. I'm saying that this is a road that our small-government friends have sent us down. We're living, all of us, with low-bid functionaries charged with making sure we don't do whatever they imagine stepping out of line is, and we've heard little but applause and dismissiveness from people who have an ideological prejudice against spending more than the least they can when they're most likely not going to be the ones to deal with the consequences.

If there was a libertarian outcry against Homeland Security employees being cut off from job protections and not being given living wages and benefits, I missed it. Teresa Chambers didn't have a lot of defenders. It's genuinely terrible that we're reaping the whirlwind here.

The Archons Legacy

That's not the country we're supposed to be living in. This is a poor justification but a good line of explanation. Throughout cop training in the United States, there are several central and constant themes: expect the worst, and do the things that will keep you alive. These are used to justify everything , to a ridiculous degree - keep your shoes polished because scruffy-looking cops are more likely to be attacked. Similarly: be assertive, take control of the situation immediately, because if you let the other guy get the upper hand in a contact, he'll be more inclined to attack you.

In a deeply demoralised, understaffed agency with no money for non-essential training, lacking the luxury of choosing only the best employees, in a scary high-crime city, things will tend to get pared back to the dumb basics. Obviously the individual cops here screwed up badly, and I'm not trying to exonerate them; but if all you give someone is a can-opener, then drum into them the idea that the can-opener is the most important thing in the world, you should not be surprised if they treat every problem as a can of beans.

who the bloody hell are they?

Pttng t dwn t jckbtd thggry prly fr th sk f g-grtfctn s knjrk crctr. I love to brag! I'm trying, but failing, to understand your argument here. It seems to me that you claim that under-resourced police forces are more likely to arrest people 'just in case' as opposed to letting them keep on doing their stuff for a bit. And that therefore we should spend even more money on the police. If that is your argument that pardon me for being ever so slightly sceptical. The way it looks to me from the other side of the pond is that the park police have far too many officers who don't have anything better to do than arrest people for "looking at me in a funny way", "loitering with intent to use a pedestrian crossing" or similar non-crimes.

We have to protect the -children-! More sensibly - this seems to be another aspect of the race to the bottom[0] that took off with a vengeance somewhere around the industrial revolution, and hasn't looked back since. Why take the time to go for quality, when you can elect to go for quantity -- and having elected to go for quantity, surely you can reduce that other pesky variable, cost Why bother!

Patrick, 6: I don't think I've ever met a rich Libertarian. Most of the ones I know range from "struggling" to "dirt-poor". I have an untested hypothesis that Libertarianism in poor people is a form of magical thinking -- if they could just get rid of all that "government interference," then they'd somehow be well-off. There's some support for this in arguments that I've heard some of them make, but it's far from rigorous. Earl, I'd be much happier if that didn't sound like such a likely frame for the way this Administration thinks.

I'm a reasonably well off libertarian. Going on the amount of money Ron Paul has managed to raise it seems to me that there are plenty of libertarians in a similar position to me in the USA. The phrase I like to use is "In this outfit, if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a screw. But that doesn't explain why the cops acted the way they did. The people they dispersed and arrested were the innocents they were supposed to protect. And keep themselves there. This is not the first time these sorts of parroted arguments have been heard.

Every totalitarian government or strong man dictator in history has used these same arguments, and insisted that loyal citizens repeat them on command to prove their loyalty and thus their unsuitability as targets of abuse from police or other citizens. We've heard it in more languages than I can count. They all had a word for the kind of activity that was to be feared and the kind of people who did it.

These days in Zimbabwe there's a whole range of nasty epithets like "tea-boy" and "witch" for people who dare to oppose Robert Mugabe. So should we be surprised we finally see the same behavior in the US? No, we should be angry, and sad for our country for going down this well-traveled road, but not surprised. There's very little that happens "only in America.

I remember long long ago in a kinder and gentler era the one time I had a cop pull a gun on me, from behind no less.