My Grandmother: An Armenian-Turkish Memoir

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Near the end of her life, when "Seher" and her granddaughter are alone, "Seher" confides in Fethiye that her real name is Heranoush in this book the name is spelled in its Turkish transliteration, Heranus. Her mother fought the gendarme with her last drop of energy, but the officer overpowered her and got away with Heranoush on the back of his horse, and that was it. Or so it would have seemed. I won't share the details of the story because there are more than a few bombshells within, but the entire story is astonishing.

I will just say this: Heranoush was not the only family member who survived the Genocide. Read this book and find out the absolutely breathtaking details of this family's most shocking of stories.

Kevorkian unearths documents that in fact show that as a planned feature of the Genocide, Mehmet Talaat i. Talaat Pasha, the mass-murderer who was the leader of the Young Turks and the ultimate author of the Armenian Genocide, who eventually became the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire before its defeat in World War I], believed himself that Armenians possessed superior capabilities to Turks. As a part of his plan to "improve" Turkey and the Turkish race by creating a Turkey with an exclusive Turkish identity, Talaat wanted a small but significant number of Armenian children taken from the death marches mostly women, who were by their nature required to be subservient in an Islamic society to be raised as "Turks," to genetically improve the Turkish race by incorporating a handful of Armenians shorn of their ethnic identity into the Turkish gene pool.

Professor Kevorkian's findings certainly sound shocking to those of us living here and now, but Professor Kevorkian makes a strong case that this was in fact one of the goals of the authors of the Armenian Genocide, and "My Grandmother" makes it clear that the policy was "successfully" implemented.

Certainly Fethiye Cetin is not making this point in this book, at least explicitly. But read between the lines in her story, and you will see that she perhaps unintentionally or perhaps intentionally makes the case that this is in fact what happened, effectively. This is an important and astonishing book. Only an ideologue could fail to be touched and moved by it.

It's a quick read and can be finished in one sitting. September 15, - Published on Amazon. This is the best introduction to a still largely unknown genocide -- that of the Armenians by the Turks in the early 20th century. December 12, - Published on Amazon. I readed this book in a night. What a sad story of an Armenian women deprived of her religion and nationality.

I wonder how many turks are from Armenian origin. Fortunally for my grandparents, they got out of Turkey and came to Mexico. They where two of the Armenians that came to Mexico in the early 20's. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Heranoush continued her harrowing life story for days, whenever she was alone with her favorite granddaughter. Heranoush was telling a story that had been silenced and buried alive in her mind for almost sixty years.

My Grandmother: An Armenian-Turkish Memoir by Fethiye Cetin (Paperback, 2012)

Now that she was pouring it out, she needed the words to carry the burden. She was aware of the inadequacy of language and was trying to compensate that by repeating passages and episodes to emphasize their impact. As to Fethiye herself, that suddenly revealed secret, that hidden identity, causing a paralyzing shock, a sense of shame, and a yearning for truth at the beginning p. By doing that, Fethiye was searching for her own roots and the hitherto hidden components of her own identity.

With that memory, a confusing and shocking, an obscure identity was passed on that challenged the recipient to confront and deal with. She struggled to digest the memories of her grandmother that were hers now. I could hardly resist running out in the streets and crying out loud. What I heard was contrary to what I knew. My knowledge of things was being turned upside down. Confronted with the things I heard, my values were being crushed into pieces.

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‘My Grandmother’ by Fethiye Çetin

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