Nagios: System and Network Monitoring (2nd Edition)

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Unix tip: Monitoring networks with Nagios

Operating Systems. Write a review. MRP: Rs. Price in points: points. Reward points: 28 points. ISBN: Usually Ships in 2 Days. Add to cart Add to wish list Add to comparison list. However this book does not get in-depth with complicated features or technical solutions to common problems.

But it does offer real training with Nagios covering the initial setup, the dashboard, and the external features you can add for custom tracking and data visualization. Honestly though if you need a real intro book I would instead suggest Learning Nagios 4. This book teaches you everything about Nagios for a local network and local monitoring on any system. The early chapters teach how to install Nagios on any system from Linux, Unix, and Windows machines. David also shares his advice for using extra tools and monitoring features to improve your workflow.

Later chapters delve into visualization libraries to show charts and diagrams from your Nagios logs. There are plenty of code samples for building modules and running scripts locally to connect into Nagios.

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Code snippets run in C, Perl, and basic Unix shell scripting. Effective Monitoring and Alerting by Slawek Ligus teaches the fundamentals behind quality server monitoring. He shares anecdotal evidence from his personal experiences working on large enterprise applications. This book will not help you understand the intricacies of Nagios. Each chapter seems to build upon the next and the writing style is super easy to read.

A beginner could pick up this book along with a Nagios intro book and learn everything needed to get moving with practical monitoring on the web. Currently in its second edition, Nagios: System and Network Monitoring is one of the best tools for system administrators and network engineers either working or aspiring towards the field. The author Wolfgang Barth is a professional sysadmin and he shares many workflow tips to improve your Nagios experience. One downside is that the current book only covers Nagios 3. If you just want to learn Nagios then this book might not interest you very much.

However networking protocols and solutions are often crucial to the success of any great server stack. Network Warrior by Gary A.

Donahue covers a massive pages worth of networking tips, tricks, and workflows. This book is a powerful resource for server administrators and network engineers who want to understand the latest tech like IPv6 and the Network Time Protocol NTP. Gary also shares advice for common issues that arise during troubleshooting, along with best practices for solving major problems before they even occur.

This is perhaps the largest book on the topic of networking from small businesses to huge enterprise corporations.


You do not need to know any of the information in this book to master Nagios. The incredible paged Nagios Core Administration Cookbook is now in its second edition with many recipes updated for Nagios 4. What I like most about this book is the variety.