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Visit shopucdavis. Successful Wine Marketing 0 Be the first to Comment. Successful Wine Marketing explains the principles, logistics, and strategies of wine marketing and sales, helping any winery or distributor understand the market, find a niche, and develop a successful plan.

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Full of descriptions, tips, and real world examples from both wine and business experts, this book distills the lessons and practical knowledge that come out of the highly regarded University of California at Davis short course, given each summer in conjunction with the Office international de la vigne et du vin OIV. For one, it helps local winemakers and local wine businesses. The same wines that a young millennial wine drinker enjoys at your wine bar might be the inspiration to stop by a privately owned retail wine store in the area.

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And, of course, there are plenty of benefits for yourself in these cross-promotional opportunities, too. As a result of your marketing efforts, you may get access to exclusive wines, to private labels, or to discounted prices. This has several advantages for your wine bar, simply from a marketing and branding perspective. Your wine bar will become known as the place to go to sample hand-selected bottles from all over the world. Wine is unique from other products in that customers have a natural interest in learning as much as possible about wines, wine regions, winemakers, and winemaking techniques.

Any of these aspects can be used as part of a very targeted marketing campaign.

Or, you can ask your sommelier or wine director to host events for the broader public, in order to educate them about the wine industry. There are different ways to think about tastings. Of course, you can use them as a way to serve your clientele. Maybe your customers have been asking you about a certain wine trend. These tastings might be a way to educate them about these trends. However, there are other advantages to hosting lots of tastings.

You can use feedback from these events for insights into how to stock your wine list. In fact, some wine bars host seasonal tasting parties, where they use information and insights gathered to guide them in the construction of their wine list. Most likely, people will choose to attend tastings with someone else they already know, and most likely, with a group of people.

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This has a strong multiplier effect for your business. Wine bar owners are different from traditional bar owners, in that they are usually more averse to offering the same types of mass-market promotions that bars offer. A special Super Bowl party, for example, is probably better enjoyed in a more raucous bar environment.

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  • Some were only acquaintances, and some were in different circles, but I asked them all. I keep a list of potential hosts and add to it all the time. I try to ask at least one person every day. Keep in mind that every social media post is like planting a seed.

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    You never know how it will grow—and who you may reach! Newbies should know there is nothing to be nervous about as a fledgling Wine Guide. You are not expected to be an expert by any stretch, and you are certainly not being judged. You are simply there sharing some fun facts and an amazing product in a laid back, enjoyable environment. Learn as you go and ask for help. After all, there is a whole support system of people who will help you with that part!

    When you share, you never know whose life you may change for the better.

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    Make it personal. Ask everyone to host. Leverage your social media resources.