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Some further testing showed that in order for the split environment to work properly in an Hebrew document the babel package must be included before amsmath and any other package that depends on it like mathtools.

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Getting things to work back in LyX was a bit more tricky. LyX automatically adds the babel package after the LaTeX preamble, and by default it adds the amsmath when needed, but it does so before the LaTeX preamble. The solution had to override the placements of both statements.

Thank you! I get a similar problem when attempting to use hyperref. The American Mathematical Society AMS publishes three main types of publications: articles, proceedings, and books or monographs. The amscd package defines a CD environment to produce simple rectangular commutative diagrams, such as this:.

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The package provides single and double horizontal and vertical arrows, with or without labels. The package doesn't provide diagonal arrows. The notation is easier to use than standard LaTeX code and the results are more attractive. After you add the package to your document, create the diagram inside a CD environment defined in a TeX field in the body of your document.

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See the commutative diagram chapter in the amsmath User's Guide for more information. The amsfonts package is a collection of fonts of symbols and characters that aren't always included in standard distributions of TeX, but that correspond to those used in AMS print and online publications and in the MathSci online database. The fonts include Blackboard Bold, Fraktur, the Euler family; certain sizes of Computer Modern mathematics, caps, and small caps fonts; extra mathematical symbols; and Cyrillic.

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Other than adding the package to your document, no action is required. No options are available for the amsfonts package. Note that the program adds the package if it is needed by features in use in the document. The Portable LaTeX filter always adds the packages amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, and graphicx.

The amssymb package is a subset of amsfonts that defines the full set of symbol names for two fonts of extra symbols included in the amsfonts collection. The two fonts, msam and msbm, contain symbols, including uppercase Blackboard Bold, needed by the AMS publishing program and MathSci online database. There are also a few environments that don't form a math environment by themselves and can be used as building blocks for more elaborate structures:. Whereas 0 means "it is permissible to break here", 4 forces a break. No argument means the same as 4. It too can have an optional argument denoting the priority of page breaks in equations.

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Similarly, 1 means "allow page breaks but avoid them" and 4 means "break whenever you want". Its default means never break immediately before a display.

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  • Knuth TeXbook chapter 19 explains this as a printers' tradition not to have a displayed equation at the start of a page. It can be relaxed with. Sometimes an equation might look best kept together preceding text by a higher penalty, for example a single-line paragraph about a single-line equation, especially at the end of a section.

    Although many common operators are available in LaTeX, sometimes you will need to write your own, e. However, if the operator is frequently used, it is preferable to define a new operator that can be used throughout the entire document. There are defaults for placement of subscripts and superscripts.

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    For example, limits for the lim operator are usually placed below the symbol:. To change the default placement of summation-type symbols to the side for every case, add the nosumlimits option to the amsmath package.

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    To change the placement for integral symbols, add intlimits to the options. If you want to change its state, simply group it. You can make it another math operator if you want, and then you can have limits and then limits again. There may be a time when you would prefer to have some control over the font size. The following code provides an example. If you want to keep the size consistent, you could declare each fraction to use the display style instead; e.