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But hold on. Do we really want a war on terrorism at home?

The New Arab War

And what exactly would it look like? If we treat white supremacist violence the same way, the equivalent might be regime change in Belarus. To put an end to the domestic-terrorism double standard, we could also pit local terrorist organizations against one another as we did in Syria. Or maybe arm unrestrained national militaries to do the dirty work, as has been our policy in Yemen.

Regime Types and Terrorism: The Scholarship

But we should prioritize efficacy—and sanity—above consistency. Read: A reformed white nationalist says the worst is yet to come.

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In this climate, we run the risk of bouncing from a longtime underreaction to a sudden overreaction to white-nationalist terrorists. Perspective is important, especially when hysteria is high.

Is terrorism the next format for war?

The astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson got ratioed on Twitter and ultimately apologized for pointing out after the El Paso attack that the number of terrorism-related fatalities is still orders of magnitude fewer than the number of fatalities from car accidents, the flu, suicide, and medical errors. The poor timing of the tweet made it foolish on an emotional level. But it was nonetheless factually correct. The political scientist John Mueller has published numerous studies showing that American deaths from terrorism pale in comparison to deaths from countless other tragedies, and that our massive counterterrorism investment has been excessive relative to the actual threat.

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  • So what is the optimal response to terrorism? Regardless of the type of terrorist threat, domestic or international, counterterrorism must always strive to achieve two crosscutting goals.

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